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Our Live Stream Fitness rooms work well on any device.
However, for the best experience we recommend streaming on your television. It’s easy, here’s how.
You’ll need three things. A TV, HDMI cord a laptop or other device.

1. Most televisions will already have an HDMI cord either for the tv itself or for a connected device such as a DVD or DVR player.
Keep your existing HDMI cord connected to your televison or if purchasing a new HDMI cord, place it in the HDMI location on the tv.

2. Connect the other end of your HDMI cord into the HDMI location on your laptop. If you prefer another device, a HDMI adapter may be required
to connect the HDMI cord to your device.We recommend purchasing a 10ft HDMI cord for added camera mobility.
You can purchase various sized HDMI cords here.

3. Most televisons will have more than one HDMI outlet. When connecting your HDMI cord remember which HDMI
outlet you are connected to from your tv. Such as, HDMI1, HDMI2 etc. This will make finding your tv input easier.
Now select the HDMI outlet on your tv by pressing tv input on your tv remote. Select HDMI and you are ready to stream.