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Live Stream classes focused on community participation for a group motivation atmosphere.
Live stream your workout from home or just workout and enjoy the fitness class. Enjoy our one of a kind
focused forum and watch over 7,000 workout videos in one of the world’s largest workout libraries.

What Makes Us Great!


Low prices – FREE while in beta! No need to worry about affordability and your weight loss goals.

No long term contracts – You have the flexability to cancel your membership at any time.

Open all day, every day – Whenever you’re ready to train, our online gym is open and ready to welcome you. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Online – Join, book classes and hire personal trainers in seconds… at the touch of a button on your phone, tablet or computer.

For the best experience we recommend streaming on your television. Learn how here.


With our Live Streaming Fitness Rooms stream your workout from home or workout
and view member streams. It’s as easy as that. Enjoy multiple rooms and workout categories 24/7.
Even schedule a workout time with friends!
Get A Fitness Pal. Fitness Pals keep in touch daily, several times a day or support each other when needed.
Text or call your fitness pal to check in or when you are feeling tempted to stray from your diet goals. When either pal
has made their goal weight you can choose to stay with your pal or post for another pal if your pal meets their goal
weight first. Exchange phone numbers for text and/or calls. Exchange emails and connect through your account profiles.
Your Fitness Pal is your support and is there to talk you away from the foods not included in your diet. Fitness Pals also check
in when a daily exercise workout is completed. You and your pal can also set a workout schedule together.
BE Fit
Get access to over 7,000 workout videos. Track your fitness and filter workout videos
by goals, time, equipment, instructor, company, features and more!

BE Fit

Build and create your own personal workouts. Track your progress and view stats, logs and more!
BE Fit

Schedule sessions with one of the largest networks of local personal trainers in your area.


Walk, run or cycle on the streets of Paris and Milan. Visit the Alpine Mountains, Lakes of Switzerland,
City Skyline Walks, Worldwide Beaches, Tokyo, the Wetlands and many more.


Forums focused on results with our post-only rooms. Post in the Lunch Room when you are eating,
the Calorie Room when you are posting your daily calories so far, The Weight Loss Room
when you want to share those pounds you shed this week and more!


When streaming from your mobile device you may need to download a browser that supports flash. Our most downloaded flash
browsers are the Puffin and Photon flash browser. Puffin browser now opens mobile webpages by default.
To access Flash content, please click the menu and choose the  ‘Open Desktop site’ option. Puffin will reopen the page in the desktop mode.
View flash browsers for streaming on iphone and android devices. For the best experience we recommend streaming on your television. Learn how here.